About Me

My name is Murdo MacLeod and I live in Portnaguran on the island of Lewis. I was born and raised here and I have lived here for most of my life. Portnaguran was once famous for fishing and fish curing and that is how it got its name.

A pier was built here when I was a little boy and this is my story of how that came about.

You can read my story under Recent Posts on the sidebar.


One comment on “About Me

  1. dear murdo, I found your article on Portnaguran Pier extremely interesting, during the Blitz of Glasgow my mother returned to her fathers house with five children and we remained their with our Grandfather Callum curlach Macdonald for about eighteen months , which were the happiest times of or lives after being brought up in Glasgow it opened a new world up to us. At that time their was no pier at portnaguran and we often watched the men hauling the boats up..After the war we never were able to settle to city life again and my father Willie Macleod from Skye managed to get a job at the Talisker diistillery . I still have relatives in Portnaguran, Dodo Macleod who still lives at the site of
    my Grandfather House at number 16. thanks again Murdo for your article, Alex Macleod

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